T-max Fuel is a high-quality fuel based on the Euro 5 fuel who is already recognized on the market, with additives added.

It is a non-combustible diesel fuel, a product that, according to all quality requirements, complies with the current European standard EN 590. It is primarily intended for vehicles with highly efficient systems - catalytic converters for the reduction of harmful components in exhaust gases.

Tioil d.o.o. company for import and sale of oil and oil derivates

TIOIL d.o.o. Bila was established in the 2002, currently has 250 employees and this number is constantly growing.

The company's business is importing and selling petroleum and petroleum products, international transport of palletised goods and international forwarding. It is currently one of the leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the mentioned area, with the aim of becoming the leader in the region.

The manager of the company is Tihomir Matošević, and the owner is Julijana Matošević.

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