TIOIL d.o.o.
Bila 48 - 72256 Vitez
Phone: +387 (0)30 707 890
Fax/Phone: +387 (0)030 707 893

e-mail: tioil@tel.net.ba

ID number: 236270510009


Tioil d.o.o. company for import and sale of oil and oil derivates

The capacity of the vehicle park that deals with transport of goods on palets is 25 tons per vehicle, and the volume of tank trucks is 38 000 liltres per tank.

Our vehicles are equiped in accordance with the latest European standards and are capable for adr transport. 

Apart from these tank trucks, we are in posession of a delivery tank truck with the capacity of 12 000 to 16 000 litres.


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